​​CHICANO HOMELAND tells the dynamic story of the movement for the rights of Mexican-Americans.  Focusing on the Chicano movement at its epicenter in Los Angeles, author Louis R. Negrete brings to life the issues that triggered this wide-ranging Civil Rights movement – police brutality, institutionalized poverty, demands for better schools, opposition to the war in Vietnam, and defense of undocumented immigrants.  He blends personal experiences and eyewitness accounts with stories of the many leaders, organizations, and successful political strategies. Negrete provides a vision of how a new generation of activists – who represent the largest minority voting block in the country -- might revive this crucial Human Rights Movement.

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"Young people - whether you identify yourself as a Chicano Mexicana-American or Latino - need to read Chicano Homeland." – Cecilia Ornelas, Principal, Central Juvenile Hall School, Los Angeles

Louis R. Negrete is a Chicano, born and raised in Los Angeles.  He served as Director of Project Head Start for the Council of Mexican American Affairs and then as a founding faculty member of the new Chicano Studies Department at California State University, Los Angeles.  For 35 years, until his retirement in 2006, he was Professor of Chicano Studies at Cal State L.A.  CHICANO HOMELAND is his first book.

​​​Chicano Homeland

​The Movement in East Los Angeles for 
Mexican American Power, Justice and Equality